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High Grade Farms' Grape Gushers Wins Big

High Grade Farms’ Grape Gushers Wins Gold for Highest Co-Dominant (MCL) Terpenes at the 2023 California State Fair

Sacramento, CA – July 12, 2023 – High Grade Farms, a leading top shelf indoor craft cannabis company based in Sacramento, proudly announces that their renowned strain, Grape Gushers, has been awarded the prestigious Gold Bearβ€”Best of California in the Highest Co-Dominant (MCL) Terpenes category at the 2023 California State Fair. This remarkable achievement marks the second consecutive win for High Grade Farms, following their gold medal triumph in 2022 for their strain, Peanut Butter Cup (Caryophyllene Terpene Category).

High Grade Farms' Grape Gushers California State Fair Winner

Premium Indoor Craft Cannabis

Grown in small batches to High Grade perfection

Han Solo Burger
Super Gassy Indica with a Mouth-Watering Chem OG Kush Flavor

Grape Kush Mints
Smooth Smoking & Fiery Potent Hybrid with a Sweet Grape Candy Taste

Electric and Intoxicating Citrus Gas

Butter Pecan
Rich Nutty Spiced Butter

Grape Gushers
Terpy and Potent Grape Gas with with Rich Berry & Grape Flavors

Peanut Butter Cup
Sweet, Nutty & High Octane Indica with Plenty of Gas and Potency

LA Kush Burger
Skunky & Kush-Flavored Indica Cross-Collab with Flawless

Animal Mints
Hybrid Strain with Notes of Mint Cookies, Animal Crackers & Classic Kush

Vader Mintz
Gassy Mint Tea and Eucalyptus

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We approach our award-winning craft cannabis production with the motto β€œHigh Grade Only”. Batch after batch, High Grade Farms’ only grows the best. From our robust in-house pheno hunts, we hand-select only the highest performing genetics to ensure our cultivars are all premium pedigree. Our methods have been dialed in from over 20 years experience. Try some of our craft flowers yourself and experience the High Grade difference. #HighGradeOnly

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High Grade Farms Thermonuclear Lemons Sugar Concentrate

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High Grade Farms’ premium cannabis concentrates are the embodiment of our passion for the plant, quality craftsmanship, and a dedication to delivering a remarkable cannabis experience. Join us on this journey and discover a world of flavor, aroma, and potency like never before. Explore our range of premium cannabis concentrates today.

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