Han Solo Burger

GMO Cookies x Larry F8

  • Genetics:  Skunk House Genetics
  • Smell/Taste: Classic GMO Funk and Gas on the nose. Finishes Strong with Mouth-Watering Chem OG Kush combined with a hint of floral and Pine notes.
  • Look: Bright Lime Green Buds with Swollen Calyxs & Packed with Trichomes
  • Effects: Calming, Relaxing, Pain-Relief, Anxiety-Reducing
Han Solo Burger Bud
Intergalactic OG Kush Gas

With test results consistently hitting over 35% THC batch after batch, there’s a good reason Han Solo Burger has been a longtime staple strain here at High Grade Farms. From the floral and piney nose, to the sweet gassy finish, this strain delivers a pleasant bouquet of mouth-watering flavor that packs a punch. Han Solo Burger is bred by the great Skunk House Genetics and cultivated by High Grade Farms.

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