California State Fair Winners—High Grade Farms Flawless Flowers

2022 California State Fair Press Release

High Grade Farms and Flawless Flowers win two top awards at the first-ever California State Fair Cannabis Competition. High Grade Farms earned a gold medal top spot with their in-house bred Peanut Butter Cup strain in the Caryophyllene terpene category for indoor flower while Flawless Flowers took 2nd place for THCa potency in the indoor category for their exclusive cultivar Phatburger..  Peanut Butter Cup and Phatburger will be on display along with their respective awards at the State Fair at Cal Expo in Sacramento from Fri, Jul 15th – Sun, Jul 31st.


High Grade Farms and Flawless Flowers are both top shelf indoor craft cannabis brands grown in Sacramento under their parent company, High Grade Ventures. Family owned and operated by two passionate brothers with over 20 year’s experience each, they have developed exceptional growing techniques expressed from a “small batch” approach that produces only the best indoor craft cannabis. With a dedicated passion, they have created a potent catalog of high-quality strains rich in exotic flavors and complex terpene profiles. 


Flawless Flowers’ Phatburger is a potent and gassy Indica strain known for its relaxing and comforting effects with a pleasing limonene aroma and a classic fuel taste.


High Grade Farms’ Peanut Butter Cup is a full-flavored Indica flower ideal for comfort, relaxation and sleep. It has a pleasantly balanced sweet and savory flavor profile.  


You can find them both as well as many other offerings at fine cannabis retail stores around the state.

California State Fair Award Winners:


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